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Brand: VCOM Model: RJ45 CAT5E
8 contacts (8P 8C) for 8 wire connectionsSuitable for CAT 5 and CAT 5eGold connectorsMade from high quality polycarbonate100 in each pack..
Ex Tax:$0.15
Brand: VCOM Model: CA-312
High qualityElegant design..
Ex Tax:$3.00
Brand: VCOM Model: CA-320
High qualityElegant designRed color..
Ex Tax:$3.00
Brand: VCOM Model: CG-702
High qualityHigh speedElegant design0.2 m long..
Ex Tax:$6.00
Brand: VCOM Model: CG503A
High qualityHigh speedElegant design1.5 m long..
Ex Tax:$20.58
Brand: VCOM Model: CG588
High qualityHigh speedElegant design1.2 meters long..
Ex Tax:$13.00
Brand: VCOM Model: CG585-R
High qualityHigh speedElegant design1.5 meters long..
Ex Tax:$6.00
Brand: VCOM Model: RJ45
SKU: ZN500CO3EAN Number 8719357005423Weight: 0.00Brand Zybrnet 500Connector type: RJ45Cable type: Round/SolidMax-AWG 23 AWGCable type: U/UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)Cable speed index Cat.6..
Ex Tax:$22.88
Brand: VCOM Model: VNA2230
Connector Type: RJ45Weight kg: 0,005Dimensions, mm: 10 x 10 x 10 mm..
Ex Tax:$0.50
Brand: VCOM Model: UTP RJ45
Article P88RB03V2Manufacturer NEOMAXConnector type RJ45Weight, kg. 0.2..
Ex Tax:$5.56
Brand: VCOM Model: CG605L
High qualityHigh speedElegant Design1.8 m long..
Ex Tax:$13.00
Brand: VCOM Model: CG525-15.0
High qualityHigh speedElegant design15 m long ..
Ex Tax:$35.00
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