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Brand: Zipato Model: Energy consumption
Monitor energy consumption and automatically calculate costs based on the entered tariffs.Graphical and tabular presentation available. Possibility of data export...
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Brand: Zipato Model:
This Z-Wave-compatible siren can be incorporated into an Z-Wave network. A 115 dB strong noise emits a light notification so as not to miss out on any event.Create scenarios to use as a signal or doorbell.It is equipped with batteries or a mini USB adapter (5 V)..
Ex Tax:$117.06
Brand: Zipato Model: CSİ
With the help of more secure video surveillance cameras to protect the security of our property in the life we live in, we are always aware of where our facilities are and what is happening. We offer the installation of high-quality security camera systems throughout Azerbaijan to control the entry ..
Ex Tax:$29.41
Brand: Zipato Model:
High precision and sensitivity of the sensor is applicable for the basement, machine room, hotel, water tower, pool, swimming pool, solar, kitchen, bathroom and other places which may have water leakage or water overflow.Sensor adopts the Z-Wave wireless module.Super low power consumption circuit de..
Ex Tax:$117.06
Brand: Zipato Model: NE-NAS-PD01ZT.EU Z-Wave plus
Product featuresMotion detectionTemperature measurementLight intensity measurement Easy installationRange: up to 50m outdoor; up yo 30m indoorPower supply: CR123A x 1Detection range: 7 meters Viewing angle: 110 degreeBattery life: 1 yearCompatible with 300 and 500 Z-Wave sariesDimensions: ..
Ex Tax:$97.06
Brand: Zipato Model: Multiserver System
Allows you to add 5 servers inside multi system.Package includes:System server limit..
Ex Tax:$73.50
Brand: Zipato Model: Rule Creator PRO
Advanced puzzles/blocks for programming rules. Expands the basic set with additional blocks (lF-ELSE, REPEAT, HTTP Request, SOCKET Request, Variables etc.) which are unavailable in the standard controller package. Package includes: Advanced puzzles Pro messagesHTTP and Socket request ..
Ex Tax:$55.00
Brand: Zipato Model: Service
Check system healthThe controller regulatesRenewal of firmsImproves applications..
Ex Tax:$29.41
Brand: Zipato Model: Sia network
Integrate Sia with your system Package includes: Sia network..
Ex Tax:$65.00
Brand: Zipato Model: SIP server
SIP server enables user to use Zipato SIP solution for communication between ZipaTiIes and supported SIP based diems. ..
Ex Tax:$79.00
Brand: Zipato Model: Smart alarm PRO
Virtual Alarm is a system application which enables you to create your own security, safety or elderly care alarm system. Compared to traditional alarm systems, Virtual Alarm is fully integrated into your system and it will use any of the devices connected to your system for security and safety..
Ex Tax:$79.00
Brand: Zipato Model: SYSTEM SETUP
INCLUDED:Registration assistanceController tune upAssistance with pairing and configuration of devices (up to 3 devices)Virtual Security setupVirtual Thermostat setupProgramming (up to 3 rules)Don’t do it alone!Your don’t have enough time to analyze all options available? You don’t want to attend tr..
Ex Tax:$100.00
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