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Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-TE82492
DISA Board2 channels at a timeMaximum maximum 20-60 minutesVoice mail for analog mini ATS KX-TES824 and KX-TEM824..
Ex Tax:$273.53
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-T7730
Analogue system phone (4-wire)Possibility to connect the Panasonic KX-T7740 DSS console (extra keypad).Works with all Panasonic Mini ATSsLiquid Crystal Cradle Cradle ScreenSpeakerphone12 programmable buttons with two-color indication (line / function)Call and message indicatorManagement of the angle..
Ex Tax:$69.50
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-TSC11MX
The possibility of introducing in the memory 50 numbers with namesAutodial last 20 dialled numbersThe ability to lock a set of calls4 level electronic volume adjustment sound3 ringer mode ( silent , medium , loud )..
Ex Tax:$34.11
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-TES824
Number of ports: 3 urban / 8 internal portsGrowth Opportunity: Available (up to 8 cities \ 24 internal ports)DİSA OGM (Greeting / Auto Operator): Yes (3-minute, 3-level, 1-channel)Computer programming: YesConference contact: Yes (up to 5 subscribers)Compatibility with any analogue phone / fax: YesRe..
Ex Tax:$725.00
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-FT981CX
Caller ID -yesThe display - yesSpeakerphone - yesFax Receive Memory (pp) -28Fax Transfer Memory (pt) -10Copy -yesPrinting type - thermocoupleNumber of gray shades - 64Modem speed Kbit / sec -9.6Type of paper - rollThe maximum paper format is - A4The maximum size of the document is -216 x 297 mmMaxim..
Ex Tax:$150.00
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-TE82480
Increased board 2/8Boost plate for KX-TES824 and KX-TEM824 analogue Mini ATS..
Ex Tax:$231.18
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-TE82491
DISA motherboardGreeting boards for KX-TES824 and KX-TEM824 analogue Mini ATS..
Ex Tax:$109.42
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-TG1311
Cordless PhoneNumber of channels: 120 Duplex ChannelsFrequency range: 1.88 GHz to 1.90 GHzDuplex procedure: TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access)Channel spacing: 1,728 kHz..
Ex Tax:$33.00
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-TG1611
220-240 Volts (Not for USA or Canada)1-HandsetCaller IDAnti-fingerprint premium textureBacklit LCD display..
Ex Tax:$28.23
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