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Barcode Reader

Brand: Procon Model: QW2100
The Datalogic QW2100, one of the Quick Scan series Scanner, is perfect for use with all the settings by creating a perfect balance between the scanner for manual use. These barcode readers provide the ideal service in various commercial facilities, light industry census and documentation. In additio..
Ex Tax:$76.47
Brand: Procon Model: LI 4278
The 1D barcode reader allows the user to work faster and move within the specified area wirelessly. Along with the advantages of wireless access, the Motorola LI 4278 also provides high-level coding information transmission. Capable battery is capable of reading 57000 times or 72 hours in 1 charging..
Ex Tax:$323.53
Brand: Procon Model: OCBS W011A
With the wireless use of the OCOM OCBS W800 barcode reader, the user will be able to work faster and move within a specified area. In addition to the advantages of wireless use, OCOM OCBS W800 also provides high-level encryption data transmission.Technical specifications:Light source: Visible laser ..
Ex Tax:$160.00
Brand: Procon Model: LS2208
The Motorola LS2208 barcode scanner is the optimal model of price-quality scales with high performance and low cost. The LS2208 model reduces the cost of fast and accurate reading, high productivity and utility costs in places such as sales, warehouses, libraries, etc. (Total Cost of Ownership)HIGH ..
Ex Tax:$88.24
Brand: Procon Model: Z-3100
The Z-3100 Zebexin can compete with the barcode reader laser technology produced by an updated CCD (charge-coupled device) technology. This model differs from the classic CCD technology and can be read by the remote and fast, and is almost close to the laser. The Zebex Z3100's fast and long distance..
Ex Tax:$50.00
Brand: Procon Model: Zebex 6170
The Zebex 6170 desktop barcode reader provides maximum compatibility with pricing and performance. Due to the GS1 Databar compatibility and other features, the Zebex 6170 has an ideal design for POS, Cashier and PC systems.Application areas- Retail- Warehouse- Production- pharmacy-GSM service center..
Ex Tax:$273.50
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