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POS systems

POS systems
Brand: Procon Model: ETİKET VƏ RİBBON
ThermalIt is sensitive to moisture, alcohol, light, friction and heat and has self-adhesion. It should be used in quickly consumed products. However, it is more appropriate to use food and textile.Thermal TransferMoisture is resistant to alcohol, light and heat. It is expedient to use in every produ..
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Brand: Procon Model: 214 PLUS
The Argox OS 214 barcode printer features small sizes, serial (RS232), parallel (LPT) and USB interface capabilities. It is the main choice of medium-sized enterprises thanks to affordable price.Both PPLA and Argox OS 214, which support PPLB languages, have Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer printing..
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Brand: Procon Model: ARGOX ix4-240
Argox X 1000VL is a new industrial warehouse label printer. This equipment differs from other models by design, price and availability. These advantages are indispensable for those who use it.Specifications of the Argox X 1000VL:Printing method: Thermal and vellum.Printing speed: 102 mm / sec.Print ..
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Brand: Procon Model: SPP-R310
The Bixolon SPP-R310 mobile printer is distinguished for its quality and durability. Thanks to this printer, you can print text, tables and bar codes at speeds of 100 mm / second. The Bixolon SPP-R310 is equipped with USB as well as WI-FI and Bluetooth Class2 interfaces for wireless communication.In..
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Brand: Procon Model: QW2100
The Datalogic QW2100, one of the Quick Scan series Scanner, is perfect for use with all the settings by creating a perfect balance between the scanner for manual use. These barcode readers provide the ideal service in various commercial facilities, light industry census and documentation. In additio..
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Brand: Procon Model: Evolis Primacy
Evolis Primacy is the fastest, most stable and high-performance office card printer in its category.Evolis Primacy has the following key features:Print speed 210 color cards per hour, 850 cards / hour monochrome printingCard capacity, 100 units at input and output250 Color Ribon (YMCKO)The card entr..
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Brand: Procon Model: LI 4278
The 1D barcode reader allows the user to work faster and move within the specified area wirelessly. Along with the advantages of wireless access, the Motorola LI 4278 also provides high-level coding information transmission. Capable battery is capable of reading 57000 times or 72 hours in 1 charging..
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Model: M083
Manufacturer:OCOMDevice type:POS-PrinterPrint technology:Thermal printingPriniting type:Monochrome..
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Brand: Procon Model: OCBS W011A
With the wireless use of the OCOM OCBS W800 barcode reader, the user will be able to work faster and move within a specified area. In addition to the advantages of wireless use, OCOM OCBS W800 also provides high-level encryption data transmission.Technical specifications:Light source: Visible laser ..
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Brand: Procon Model: LS2208
The Motorola LS2208 barcode scanner is the optimal model of price-quality scales with high performance and low cost. The LS2208 model reduces the cost of fast and accurate reading, high productivity and utility costs in places such as sales, warehouses, libraries, etc. (Total Cost of Ownership)HIGH ..
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Brand: Procon Model: VİDEOJET 1220
Videojet 1220 smaller INKJET printer is the smallest model of the Videojet 1000 series. Designed primarily for small and medium enterprises. It is the ideal choice for every 8-100-hour, 5-day weekly business. The Videojet 1220 is the best choice for use in areas such as food, beverage, chemicals, me..
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Brand: Procon Model: Videojet 1610 DH
Videojet 1610 DH performance on high speed linesVideojet Technologies Inc. The Videojet 1610 Dual Head, a small icon printer, is the first of the highest standard printer in the coding business to work without the need for service. The Videojet 1610 printer is the 4th model of the Videojet 1000 seri..
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