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Mini ATS

Brand: Miracall Model: MCU-2010
Capacity -  1,2,4,8 or 16 Channels Compression Time - 1,2,4,5 compression rateData Speed -  16~64kbps/1sec.telephone system, ATS system,Voice Prompt Type - *Wav;Call Monitor Mode - Signal sound,Voice,ReversalCaller ID -  FSK,DTMFRecord Time-  unlimited,sa..
Ex Tax:$130.00
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-TES824
Number of ports: 3 urban / 8 internal portsGrowth Opportunity: Available (up to 8 cities \ 24 internal ports)DİSA OGM (Greeting / Auto Operator): Yes (3-minute, 3-level, 1-channel)Computer programming: YesConference contact: Yes (up to 5 subscribers)Compatibility with any analogue phone / fax: YesRe..
Ex Tax:$725.00
Model: MC-208K
Capacity (non-expandable) -  2 Outside-line,8-Extension      Max. Key Phone -  1pc, at 001 EXT port, 4-wireMax. Regular Phone - 8pcs (001~008ports), 2-wire     Full Caller ID -  Operator,Intercom, After-transferDISA Record -  3-level, total 30seconds..
Ex Tax:$156.00
Model: MC-416K
Capacity (un-expandable) - 4 Outside-line,16Extension        Max. Key Phone - 1pc of MC-1,2,3,40 or MC-50Max. Regular Phone - 16pcs (001~016ports)               Full Caller ID - Operator,Intercom, After-transferDISA Record -  3-level, ..
Ex Tax:$245.00
Model: Miracall MCU-2010
Capacity -  1,2,4,8 or 16 Channels Compression Time - 1,2,4,5 compression rateData Speed -  16~64kbps/1sec.Voice Prompt Type - *Wav;Call Monitor Mode - Signal sound,Voice,ReversalCaller ID -  FSK,DTMFRecord Time-  unlimited,save in HD in computer..
Ex Tax:$130.00
Brand: Miracall Model: WS824(10F)
Capacity: 4 lines 16 Extensions, Expandable up to 8 - 48Call Queue waitingManager-Secretary functionCall limitation alarmMulti-answer mode when receiving callExternal Music Resource PortIP Economical RoutingConference Call – Supports up to 8 PartiesCall pick-up and forwarding..
Ex Tax:$430.00
Brand: Miracall Model: WS824(10F)-008C
telephone system, ATS system,, control, controlstore,, IP telephony systems, telephone network, network equipment..
Ex Tax:$97.00
Brand: Miracall Model: WS824(9i)-4/48
Capacity:Extension port is 16-88 lines,trunk port is 4-10 lines, Max port total capacity is 92 lines(4 Co lines 88 Exts) or 82 lines(10 Co lines and 72 Exts),can be connected with 9PCS expansion  boardExtension type: 2 wire common phone,4 wire key phone,network IP (SIP) phone.Trunk Type: 2 wire..
Ex Tax:$1,080.00
Brand: Miracall Model: WS824(9i)-Cabinet Kit
Ex Tax:$15.00
Brand: Miracall Model: WS824(9i)-Software
Ex Tax:$80.00
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