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Brand: Rubej Model: 2OP-R3
Reception and control device and control fire and security address "RUBEZH-2OP" prot.R3 is intended for use in address systems of burglar and fire alarms, fire extinguishing, smoke removal, alerts.On the security and fire addressable devices "RUBEZH-2OP" prot.R3, you can build a distributed address ..
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Brand: Eldes Model: ESIM264
SpecificationsGMS modem frequency850/900/1800/1900 MHzPower supply voltage16-24V AC or 18-24V DCOn-board zones6 (12 in ATZ mode). *Possibility to increase to 44PGM outputs4. *Possibility to increase to 44Supported protocolsADEMCO CONTACT IDWays of configurationSMS, USB, Internet, keypadOperating tem..
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Brand: Eldes Model: ESIM4
Battery type 1.5 V Lithium AA type batteriesNumber of batteries 4Current used in Sleep mode 30μAmaxGSM modem frequency ESIM4 - 900/1800 Mhz; ESIM4 Q - 850/900/1800/1900 MHzNumber of inputs 2Digital input value range 0… 3000mVAnalog input value range 0… 24mAImpulse duration >600msNumber of auxilia..
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Brand: Eldes Model: ESIM364
Power supply16-24V 50 Hz ~1.5A max / 18-24V 1,5A maxRecommended backup battery voltage / capacity12V / 1,3-7 AhBackup battery charge durationUp to 30 hours for 7 Ah batteryGSM modem frequency850/900/1800/1900 MHzNumber of zones on-board /extendable6 / 44Number of PGM outputs on-board / extendable4 /..
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Brand: Eldes Model: ESIM384
ESIM384 is a key product of the Eldes Security System. Our professional alarm panel is a new home security product. You will be aware of the dangers, changes in home heat and more. Have HD video tracking or control different electrical devices!With ESIM384 you can easily convert your property to a S..
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Brand: Eldes Model: ESR100
Supports industry standard: MLR2- DG (Surgard) protocolCommunication methods: Internet (Kronos, Eldes protocols), SMS (Cortex), CSDRS-232 port, 2 Ethernet port, 4 USB ports2G ModemExternal GSM antennaUp to 5 000 objectsOperating temperature: 0°C to 40°C..
Ex Tax:$790.00
Brand: Eldes Model: EWM1
Power supply 230VAC, 50Hz, protection class IRated load current 12,5A (for resistive load – 2,8kW)Power consumption Up to 1WElectrical outlet Type E (EWM1-E)/ Type F (EWFM1-F)/ Type G (EWM1-G)Wireless band ISM868Wireless communication range Up to 30m (98.43ft) in premises; up to 150m (492.13ft) in o..
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Brand: Eldes Model: Radio-module
The radio module connected to the PGM output of the alarm system.It allows you to send to the central alarm station alarm.Coverage: Full.Power supply: 12-16V DC, recommended type of battery: capacity 12V / 1,3-7 AhDesigned for indoor installation.The antenna can be mounted on the module housing nepo..
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Model: RP208CN
RP208CN is equipped with a keyboard with a display with a built-in dialer, has 8 programmable zones, is compatible with popular communication standards. Up to 4 keypads can be connected.Completion: keyboard with LCD display, metal box, transformer...
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Model: Гранит-16 ППКУОП
Granit-16 device for receiving and monitoring the fire alarm can be connected, depending on the version, up to 16 alarm loops (AL) with the functions of a security or fireman...
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Brand: Eldes Model: EKB2
Power supply 12-14V DC 150mA maxMaximum keypad connection cable length 100mBuilt-in zones 1Range of operating temperatures 0…+55°CLanguage Possibility to customize language upon your requestDimensions 133×89×19mm..
Ex Tax:$116.00
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