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Body Worn Camera

Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-MH1411-N1
Charges DS-MH2311 series body camera directly and copies data. Charges battery of DS-MH2311 series body camera. Delicate appearance. Connectable to dock station...
Ex Tax:$70.00
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-MH2311
H.264 and H.265 encoding technology.Up to 1080p/30 fps recording resolution.Wide-range lens with 129° horizontal FOV.Dismountable battery design.Built-in GPS module.3G/4G network transmission.2.4 inch TFT LCD.Light weight (190 g without shoulder clip).Small size (95 × 60 × 29 mm)IP67...
Ex Tax:$1,100.00
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-MH4172I
● Maximum 8 access interfaces for bodycam. Support device auto-charge function.● Bodycams upload capture, video, audio automatically once connect to dockstation. Meanwhile erase data insidebodycam while upload finish.● Support large size files(2G+) upload, transfer, download and broadcast. Readbodyc..
Ex Tax:$3,100.00
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