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Curtain control

Brand: A-OK Model: AC123-06 remote control White color
Battery:3V 200411B433.92MHz/868MHz6 channels..
Ex Tax:$45.00
Brand: A-OK Model: AC133-01 Black and white 3-0110002
Battery:3V 200409B433.92MHz/868MHz1 channel Wall emitter..
Ex Tax:$40.00
Brand: A-OK Model: AC133-02 Black and white 3-0110033
Battery:3V 200409B433.92MHz/868MHz1 channelsWall emitter..
Ex Tax:$40.00
Brand: A-OK Model: AC133-05 Black and white 3-0110057
Battery:3V 200409B433.92MHz/868MHz5 channelsWall emitter..
Ex Tax:$42.00
Brand: A-OK Model: AC152-06 remote controller 3-0119002
Battery:3V 210125C 433.92MHz/868MHz 6 channels..
Ex Tax:$65.00
Brand: A-OK Model: AC227-01
AC230V receiver 50/60HzFrequency 433.92MHzLoading Power:≤500W..
Ex Tax:$145.00
Brand: A-OK Model: AC526-01 ZigBee Gateway (3-0512004)
Tuya Zigbee Hub(for zigbee/wifi/bluetooth motor)..
Ex Tax:$80.00
Brand: A-OK Model: Adapter 1-01350102(一字)
For 60 Octagonal Tube..
Ex Tax:$3.00
Brand: A-OK Model: AM15-0.3/35-ES-E 3-0701001
Battery 3V 170725A 0.3N 35RPM receiver Inbuilt USB Type-C charger..
Ex Tax:$185.00
Brand: A-OK Model: AM43-0.45/40-ES-EZ (3-1201012)
DC7.4V 0.45N 40RPMAM43 drive kit( solar battery&UK standard charger)ps: it need to match with ZIGBEE gateway..
Ex Tax:$120.00
Model: AM45-20/17 3-0716094
Mechanical limit motor(4 wires)Switch control Torque 20Nm 17RPMAC230V 44WRadio frequency:433.92..
Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: A-OK Model: AM50-1.2/100-EM-P AC motor 3-0901033
AC100-240V 65W1.2N.m 100RPM12cm/s receiverInbuilt Charger plug,UK version..
Ex Tax:$230.00
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